Odzu Smart Messenger Travel Bag


SKU: Odzu19364


A versatile bag with a modern design and the ability to change its volume up to twice as much as needed. Maximum possible materials are recycled RPET Polyester and RPET Nylon. Nine separate compartments, a standby smartphone pocket, magnetic closure and holding flap make everyday use easier. Designers from BOA Design and Czech Design contributed to the design.
Odzu Smart Messenger Bag. Grows with you
A versatile bag that offers modern processing and the ability to change its contents according to your current needs.
Sustainable materials
Maximum possible materials are recycled RPET Polyester and RPET Nylon.
Clear office
Store all your daily essentials neatly in the removable organiser.

Innovative design
Smartphone at hand
Quick access with a small pocket on the back for your smartphone. No more rummaging in your bag.
In and out of town. For work. Outdoors. To the gym.
Easy to fasten
One-hand snap system.
Easy access
to the main compartment at any time. You won’t even notice the bag on your shoulder thanks to carefully selected materials and minimal weight. The balanced design encourages you to organise your belongings in the bag so that they are always accessible and the wide handle makes it easy and comfortable to carry.
Everything in its place
Organising your small items has never been easier. The designers have thought of the most common small items that usually create an uncluttered mess.
The integrated, removable organizer
Find a place for any everyday item and always keep it in its place.
Reinforced back
The back is specially reinforced for laptop storage, and an internal divider creates two separate compartments.